A parent’s rights to their child can be broken in to two distinct parts: conservatorship (rights over your children) and possession (time with your children). The law makes certain presumptions regarding this legal rights and duties in regard to parents and children, and it is important to find legal counsel you trust who can provide sound advice toward your reasonable outcomes regarding those rights, including the right to possession time.

While the presumption is that parents have equal rights to their children, the Court will make decisions based on one factor alone: what is in the best interests of your child?  The decisions the Court makes will, from then on, impact every part of your relationship with your children. From the time you share with them to the rights you have to make important decisions for them – the Court’s rulings could change everything you were previously used to. That is why your choice of attorney is so important, whether you are the mother or father of the child.  

Whether you are currently married with children and seeking a divorce, or you are seeking to create rights by and through a paternity action, the lawyers at Hanshaw Kennedy Hafen will provide you with excellent advice as to your rights as a parent.  

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