Families and the estates they accumulate and acquire are very different now than even ten years ago.  When navigating a family law case, you and your family need a law firm who will offer reliable, honest, and up-front legal advice specifically designed for your needs.  Working with families in Collin, Dallas, and Denton counties, the family law attorneys at Hanshaw Kennedy Hafen will provide you with reliable advice and zealous representation in a variety of family law matters:

Divorce: Including matters related to children, property, child support, debt, and spousal support, we assist a wide variety of clients navigate their contested and uncontested divorce matters.  

Property Protection and Division of Property: Your property should be protected from the outset, including by using pre-marital and separate property agreements.  At the end of a marriage your property should also be protected to ensure your financial stability.  

Parent’s Rights and Paternity/Parentage: The time you have with your children and the rights you have over them are irreplaceable.  We advocate to maximize each mother’s and father’s parenting time and rights.

Child Support: Working within the confines of the law and the facts of your case, we provide guidance as to likely outcomes and possible solutions.

Relocation and Modifications: Modifications to child support and possession are typical in family law cases.  We work to advocate for your family’s changing needs.

Adoption – adult and child adoptions: Possibly the most joyous of all family law events.  Whether through CPS, a private adoption agency, or a step-parent adoption we help our clients work towards the ultimate goal – the creation or expansion of a family.  

Termination of Parental Rights: With a strong understanding in this area of family law, we work to protect your family, whether in maintaining the parent-child relationship or seeking to terminate it.

Child Protective Services (CPS): With a wealth of experience handling CPS cases we work to ensure your children are safe and, ultimately, reunited with family members.

Emergency Orders and Family Violence: Clients often need immediate legal relief from the Courts.  We are ready to seek emergency relief and ensure that our clients – including the victims of family violent and the falsely accused – are provided the emergency relief they are entitled to.

Enforcement Actions: With jail time a possible outcome in enforcement cases, we work to both use that remedy and protect against it.

Appeals: Where a trial court fails to uphold the law, or your rights, we set out your appellate remedies and the potential outcomes.  

Grandparent’s Rights: Grandparents, siblings, uncles, and aunts often step in to ensure a child is protected.  We work with these relatives to ensure they are provided excellent advice as to their rights.

Same-sex couples: Presenting unique legal and factual we work with clients from same-sex couples to ensure their rights and those of their families are protected.

Gestational Surrogacy Agreements, Embryo Agreements, Donor Agreements: The Hanshaw Kennedy Hafen attorneys create agreements to protect intended parents and donors from future legal issues.   

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