Hanshaw Kennedy Hafen’s Family Law attorneys primarily serve Frisco and Plano, Texas, as well as communities in Collin County, Dallas, Denton, Grayson, Hunt, Johnson, Rockwall, and Tarrant counties.

Our Family Law practice has a history of achieving effective outcomes for our clients, across a range of matters, including:



Child Custody

Child Support
Family Violence
Emergency Orders/Protective Orders
Enforcement Actions

  • Visitation
  • Enforcement of Child Support
  • Enforcement of Property Division

Grandparents’ Rights

  • Step-Parent Adoption
  • Private Adoption
  • Adult Adoption
  • Gestational Agreements

Termination of Parental Rights
CPS Cases (Child Protective Services)
Marital Agreements

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • Name Change (of minor and adult)

Wills & Small Estate Planning

Representative Matters:

  • Successfully litigated a property division in a divorce case, awarding client $1.2 million plus spousal maintenance. Issues included fraud, adultery, and long-term disability.
  • Successful jury verdict for abused wife and children. Prevented husband from being appointed a conservator of the children or having any visitation with the children.
  • Successful CPS removal hearing representing a parent, against CPS, where the children were returned to client/parent at the initial hearing before the court.
  • Successful enforcement of child support, where the father was ordered to jail for 180 days, and ordered to pay 100% of the mother’s attorney’s fees.
  • Litigated for father who was awarded sole managing conservatorship of the child, and mother was only given supervised visitation with the child.
  • Modified child support retroactively for father whose income had significantly decreased.
  • Had a protective order vacated, removed any findings of family violence, and had client awarded expanded, unsupervised visitation with the young children.
  • Amicable outcome in mediation allowing client to maintain qualified retirement and pension accounts for a property division approximately 75%/25% in the client’s favor.
  • Preserved client’s ability to retain all qualified retirement and pension in a divorce proceeding.
  • Successfully litigated the enforcement of Possession and Access, guaranteeing father’s rights to see his children, and forced mother to pay father’s attorney’s fees in association with the enforcement.
  • Litigated primary conservatorship with no geographic restriction for a father, over mother’s objections and her claims of abuse by the father.

Our Process:

We work with clients to identify and propose optimal strategies, based on your particular circumstances and goals. Our success is based on our preparation, communication, and knowledge of the law. We will provide regular updates on the progress of your case.

Compassionate Advocacy:

Our attorneys understand the emotional turmoil that often surrounds divorce and other sensitive family matters. We also realize that family conflicts, particularly those involving the breakup of a marriage and/or matters involving children, can overwhelm and cloud your judgment at a critical time when your decisions will have long-term consequences. We will take a thoughtful approach to assess your situation and advise toward the best possible outcome for your needs and your family.

Vigorous Representation:

We will deliver dedicated, vigorous representation of your interests, from restructuring agreements and orders, to mediations, to jury trials. We will serve as your loyal advocate and will provide sound legal advice designed to address your needs and best interests. Because family legal issues may impact your financial matters, our family law attorneys are equipped to address those situations, and may also engage business law attorneys within our firm, as warranted.


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