When it’s time to prepare your estate, administer a trust, initiate probate or arrange a guardianship, you can rely on 
Hanshaw Kennedy Hafen, LLP for trusted and prudent legal advice and guidance.

Our attorneys provide legal services for trustees, individuals, families and executors of estates in the jurisdictions of Collin, Denton, Dallas, and Tarrant counties and towns throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. We help our clients meet their goals for mapping out asset protection, future distribution of assets, personal care and the well-being of loved ones.

Our estate planning attorneys believe that proper planning can greatly benefit your loved ones after your death and assist them through difficult times. However, if no plan is in place, you may expose your estate to needless estate taxes and cause the United States government to be your largest beneficiary. Even if you believe your estate will not be subject to estate taxes, having a simple estate plan will allow you to decide who will be the beneficiary of your estate, instead of Texas State law determining who will receive your assets.

From complex estates that require advanced tax planning to simple wills, Hanshaw Kennedy Hafen, LLP is ready to assist you in crafting the best solution for your needs. The estate planning services our law firm offers include:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Simple and Complex Estate Planning
  • Gift Planning
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Guardianship administration
  • Probate administration

Recognized for its client-focused legal representation, Hanshaw Kennedy Hafen, LLP is committed to meeting clients’ legal needs today and will be here for them tomorrow.


At the Frisco, Texas law firm of Hanshaw Kennedy Hafen, LLP the estate and probate litigation our attorneys handle for clients includes a broad range of disputes regarding breaches of fiduciary duty and bad faith matters, beneficiary rights, accounting’s, guardianship contests, appointments and removals, will contests, trustee removal actions, executor removal and appointment actions, and other trust and probate code issues.

Our attorneys represent clients in estate and probate litigation with a keen eye toward reaching an amicable solution. Conflicts among the family often magnify the emotions surrounding legal battles in general. Although litigation may be unavoidable, we are always sensitive to the dynamics involved in family relationships.

While we strive to win your case, we will respect your wishes and make every effort to help you preserve family relationships.


When you are ready to map out your estate or if you have been named executor of an estate or trustee of a trust in Texas, no matter where you live, call our Frisco law firm at (972) 731-6500. We will be glad to arrange a consultation to discuss will, estate or probate issues with an estate planning and litigation attorney.

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