Sometimes even a veteran lawyer sees a case unlike he has ever seen. This happened twice to Mr. Kennedy in 2014.

In a probate proceeding in Ellis County, Mr. Kennedy represented a client who had been acquitted of murdering her spouse. While she was incarcerated and waiting for her criminal trial, the adult children of her deceased spouse obtained an injunction preventing the client from inheriting substantial life insurance proceeds and other investments from their dad. Mr. Kennedy entered the case and immediately filed a Motion to Dissolve the Injunction. On the day of the hearing, the case settled and Mr. Kennedy’s client received a huge settlement.

Similarly, Mr. Kennedy was hired by a client in Harris County who was in jail charged with murdering his wife. There were many questions surrounding the facts related to the murder charge, but the Client needed Mr. Kennedy’s help because a civil court had awarded an injunction in favor of the children, effectively preventing the client from having access to all of his substantial estate. Mr. Kennedy filed a Motion to Dissolve the Injunction. Yet again, on the day of the hearing, the opposition capitulated and Mr. Kennedy was able to achieve a favorable settlement for the client.